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A 4 day comprehensive hands on workshop on Neuromuscular Dentistry


Student Feedbacks

The four-day TMJD, head and neck pain, and airway correction course completely changed my opinion of dentistry and orthodontics.


There are numerous other causes of medical problems that we are unaware of or cannot even speculate on. And this was explained to us not only theoretically but also practically, and we have even learned about it from the perspectives of patients.


I discovered that neuro-muscular dentistry is a medical branch that will bring about significant changes in the field of dentistry, especially in orthodontics, prosthodontics, OMFS, ENT, respiratory medicine, and neurology. 


Dr. Tatu Sir's class was excellent because he taught us the fundamentals of each field, including anatomy and physiology, head and neck, sleep, airways, neuromuscular orthodontics, neuromuscular prosthodontics, physiotherapy, DTR occlusal correction, the reading of CBCT, the use of a TENS machine in patients, 3D fabrication of orthoses, appliance delivery in patients, correction and adjustments of it, etc. The head and neck centre has many advanced and rare machines that have been used to diagnose and treat patients. 


It was a comprehensive package that included theory, practicals, and hands-on experience with clinical patients. And I can really appreciate the huge collection of treated patients' case documents there; we can see the "magic" of neuro-muscular dentistry. This course was well worth it, and if I hadn't taken it, I would have continued as a regular conventional dentistry practitioner and orthodontist. But because of it, my perspective on orthodontics has changed a lot, and I've learned a lot. And now I can proudly say that I'm an airway-oriented orthodontist.



I must say Dr Tatu and other faculties covering Neuromuscular dentistry, Sleap apnea, posture, DTR, NM orthotic are wonderful teachers with great depth of knowledge and practical understanding of the subject. The course was really wonderful and practical covering all approaches of TMD Treatments

  Dr. Rahul Ahirrao


  Nashik, Maharashtra.

A well organised four day class on NMD by Dr Tatu and his team was enlightening in every sense of the word. A systematic approach to the subject with a definitive hands- on training was the added benefit. They welcomed every bit of doubt from the participants and cleared them in the most precise and honourable way.

This was my introductory course on NMD and I can truly say that it changed my perspective as a Dentist.


Gayatri MDS pedodontist

Tatu sir and his team have done a great job in conducting a flawless 4 days course, a real eye opener in the field of dentistry. Makes you go forward in dentistry with a  whole new prospective.


Roy Cheriyachan MDS orthodontist

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