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Dr. Mary Devachen Menacherry, an Oral Medicine and Radiology specialist completed her BDS from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital and went on to pursue her MDS from Oxford Dental college in Bangalore. After 7 years of experimenting with her field of specialization in academics, she felt a need to delve into the field a little more to make a real difference in the lives of patients suffering from severe orofacial pain. In the quest for a suitable model of taking up this challenge, she found her place in the specialty of neuromuscular dentistry. Under the guidance of one of the most eminent doctors in the field, Dr. Tatu Joy - she has found what it means to receive true satisfaction in taking up diagnostically challenging cases connected to the head and neck region and permanently freeing patients off their debilitating pain conditions.

Certificates & Awards

Scientific Presentations

  • Validation of scales for assessment of intensity of pain, level of sufferring, insomnia and anxiety in orofacial pain

  • Diagnostic iceberg – a rare case presentation

  • Oral health considerations of pregnancy

Scientific Publications

  • Ameloblastic fibrodentinoma presenting as a false gingival enlargement in maxillary anterior region

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  • The validation of prism in orofacial pain with reference to chronic pain graded scale and insomnia severity index

  • Central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of maxilla – a case report and review

  • Syndromes with digital anomalies associated with oral manifestation

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