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Keynote Speaker; ICCMO international congress May 2019,Moscow.

Keynote Speaker;The Third eye in Maxillofacial Imaging,11th Feb2018,COLOMBO,SL

Keynote Speaker; 1st ICCMO international conference, Capitol Hotel,Bangalore.25th August 2018-Radiological aspects in Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Keynote address in the 45th Kerala State IDA conference at Trissur on ‘CBCT and its uses for the general dentist’, April 14th 2013.

Keynote speaker in the Kerala State Faculty development program in Electronics in Medical Diagnosis held at the Albertian Institute of Science and technology.14-05-2013

Guest Lecture on Cone Beam Computed Tomography- Diagnosis and Interpretation held at M’CODS, Mangalore on 2nd November 2012.

Keynote speaker in the Kerala state Maxillofacial Surgeons conference held at Mahe dental college on ‘ CBCT and Maxillofacial applications’.

Faculty for the CDE programme on ‘Radiographic Preparatory steps in implant planning’by the IDA North Malabar Branch on 12th July 2009.

Faculty for the CDE programme on ‘Implications of Oral Medicine and Radiology for the General practitioner’ by IDA Malanadu Branch ,on 28th August 2005.

Presentation done on “ R.B.C’s in health and disease” in the CDE symposium held at Mumbai, on December 6 th 1997.

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